Franz Lindenmayr / Man and Cave

Holed Stones and Crawling Through Rituals in further areas


In France

Even today students before their final exams are said to crawl under the sarcophagus to receive the blessing of the dead saint.


Hole in a menhir Aroz, Haute-Saône  
Holed stone near Campu Muru, Korsika  
Holed Stone Conflans-Sainte-Honorine/ Seine-Oise reerected in a ditch of the
of Saint-Germain
Hole in the menhir of Coulmiers, Côte-d'Or  
Hole in the menhir of Draché, Indre-et-Loire  
Holed stone in the Allée couvert in the Bois Couturier
near Guery en Vexin, Val Oise
Hole in the menhir of Jethou, Channel Islands
Hole in the dolmen near Jouaignes, Aisne  
Hole in the menhir of Luzech, Lot  
Hole in a dolmen near Mas d'Azil, Ariège  
Hole in a dolmen near Nod-sur-Seine, Côte-d'Or  
Hole in the "Dolmen de la justice" in Presles, Oise  
Hole in the dolmen of Trie-Château, Oise  

On Cyprus

In Spain

In Slovenia


In Japan

Photo A: Seidel, from: R.A.Stein, GROTTES-MATRICES...

" The Daibutsu-den (Hall of the Great Buddha) is the largest wooden building in the world, but the actual structure is not remarkably anciet because it is a reconstruction dating from 1709... the present statue stands just over 16 meters high and consists of bronze, gold and several tons of vegetable wax...

As you circuit the statue towards the back, you'll see a wooden column with a small hole at the base. Popular belief maintains that those who can squeeze through are ensured of enlightenment (You'll probably see a lot of disappointed, firmly wedged adults reluctantly giving way to streams of nimble kids making quick work of enlightenment!)" (from an unknown source, page464)

In Thailand

Photographie Claude Mouret / Spelunca n°55

"Entrée.. Partie la plus étroite de la cavité. Le nage qui orne l'entrée dérive des croyances hindouistes. C'est un symbole de félicie." Spelunca n°55, page 8

stellvertretend für viele weitere Lochsteine in Thailand


Lochsteine und Durchkriechbräuche


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