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Das Wortfeld "Höhle" in Liedtexten / the "cave" in song lyrics

In vielen Liedern hört man oft unvermittelt "Höhle", "cave", "grotta", "grotte" und so weiter. In Liedern taucht sie auf? In welchen Zusammenhängen wird dieses Schlüsselwort verwendet? Gibt es Regelmäßigkeiten, Häufungen? Hier soll zuerst einmal eine kleine Übersicht entstehen, ehe weitere Untersuchungen folgen sollen.

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....We would be warm
Below the storm
In our little hideaway
Beneath the waves

Resting our head
On the seabed
In an octopus' garden
Near a cave

We would sing
And dance around
Because we know
We can't be found

The Beatles Octopus's Garden Beatles - Octopus's Garden Lyrics | MetroLyrics
Höhle "Und wir hatten keine Höhle"

....Und wir hatten keine Höhle
Und wir fanden kein Versteck
Und wir schliefen im Gegröle
Und wir saßen nachts im Dreck

Irgend ein Loch
Brauchen wir doch....
Wolf Biermann Und wir hatten keine Höhle
grotte magique Je suis très fatigué
Par les filles de là-bas, Ali Baba
Dans ma grotte magique
Il n'y a plus de voleurs, Ali Baba
Mais quarante fatmas prêtes
A vous donner du bonheur, Ali Baba

..Ali m'a dit que la grotte était bourrée de nanas
Qui dansent la Biguine, la Reggae, la Salsa
Par pitié, Sésame, ourvre-toi!
La grotte s'est ouverte
Je leur ai tendu les bras, Ali Baba...
Bézu Ali Baba  
caves Nervous hill dwellers in the gentle hills around,
Reptiles abounding
Fossils, caves, cool air heights.
Each house repeats a mold...
The Doors The Hill Dwellers The Hill Dwellers | The Doors
The Doors (1991) - Trivia - IMDb
Höhle ....Sie waren sehr glücklich und lebten allein
in der Höhle mit den vielen Herzen
an der Wand.
Doch sie wußten nicht, was ein Herz ist!
Haindling Höhlenmalerei
grotte Elle L'enchaina dans une grotte,
Elle fit un signe sur la porte;
La vierge oublia la lumière
Et la clef tomba dans la mer....
Maeterlink, Maurice Elle l'enchaina dans une grotte Elle l'enchaîna dans une grotte (Maeterlinck)
cave And I'll find strength in pain
And I will change my ways
I'll know my name as it's called again

So come out of your cave walking on your hands
And see the world hanging upside down
You can understand dependence
When you know the maker's land
Mumford & Sons The Cave lyrics  
Höhle In des Berges finstrer Höhle
gräbt der Bergmann Augustin
nach Brillanten seiner Tanten
mit der Tochter Clementin.....
Schone Gerhard Clementin Clementin lyrics Gerhard Schone
Höhle Ich rauche auf'm Fensterbrett
Unten staut sich der Verkehr
Zwei fette Würmer Blech und Fleisch
Kriechen qualmend hin und her
Ich schnips die Kippe in den Stau
Und mach die Fenster wieder zu
Der Lärm der Stadt ersäuft im Glas
Übrig bleiben: Ich & du
Und du bist meine Höhle....
Silly ALLES ROT / Höhle  
sandstone cave Oh, come all you young people and listen while I tell
The fate of Floyd Collins, a lad we all know well
His face was fair and handsome, his heart was true and brave
His body now lies sleeping in a lonely sandstone cave

How sad, how sad the story, it fills our eyes with tears
Vernon Dalhart The Death of Floyd Collins
secret cave So lighting up a cigarette I followed in pursuit
And found a secret cave where they obviously stashed their loot
Filling up my pockets, even stuffed it up my nose
I must have weighed  a hundred tons between my head and toes
cave Don't call the Police
I'm begging you please
Because Ya know
It's dark
in this cave
The spotlight
can't find the stage
It's dark
in this cave
but it feels like home so I think I'm gonna stay
where the looks fall cold...
Wu Lyf Cave Song Wu Lyf - Cave Song Lyrics
holy cave We are here in this holy cave today
To celebrate the reincarnation of Domingo de Santa Clara
The man who convinced us that there is no Lord
For His name is Buddha, Allah, Shiva, Jahve outside our bodies
Yello Domingo

Yello 1980-1985

Yello - Domingo Lyrics | MetroLyrics
cavern, cave in I've had just about enough of quote
"Diamonds in the rough"
Because my backbone is paper thin
Get me out of this cavern or I'll cave in

If the bombs go off, the sun will still be shining...

Young/Adam (songwriters) Cave In  
The Cave of Altamira I recall when I was small
How I spent my days alone
The busy world was not for me
So I went and found my own
I would climb the garden wall
With a candle in my hand
I'd hide inside a hall of rock and sand...
Steely Dan The Royal Scam The Caves of Altamira / Steely Dan / The Royal Scam

Flashes and curved air
I can't trust my eyes
The things that I’m seeing
Look like lies
The wind has shoulders
Pushing me aside
The sky is a cavern open wide
David Crosby Curved Air
The foggy cavern's musty grime Appeared within my palm
Phish Cavern

grotta di cristallo "Fu nella grotta di cristallo
Ch'egli comprese il suo tranello
Falso amore aveva offerto
Allo stregone vecchio e stanco
Fu in quella gabbia di cristallo
Che disse addio a questo mondo
il nobile figlio del falco
Saggio e profeta verecondo...
Winterage La Grotta di Cristallo

It's a chance to give new meaning to every move we make In the cavern, in the cave, where we've come from
When the light of dawn is on us We will see what we can be And the ancient ones will sleep the music sleep?
Neil young Light a candle   


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