Franz Lindenmayr / Mensch und Höhle

Landschaft und Höhlen in Kalabrien

Blick aus dem Eingang in die Sanangelo-Höhle, Juni 2004

Höhlen bei Cerchiara

Die Grotta Riparo von Romito

Die Grotta della Madonna in Praia a Mare



"Today Calabria is a narrow penninsula approximately 250 km long, with no point in the territory more that 50 km from the coast. The mountain system stretches from its border with Basilicata to the strait of Messina, and land surface lying less than 200 meters above sea-level represents only 9% of the territory. The presence of humans in this region dates back to the first phases of antiquity, and around 700,000 years before Christ a type of Homo Erectus evolved leaving many traces of lithic industry spread along some coastal areas." (Auszug aus einem Internettext über Kalabrien)


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Larocca, Felice Grotte e caverne del reggino, Speleologia 74, 2016, 29-35

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Palinuro, Campanien

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